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About Us

Diya brings you a delightful array of aromatic dishes that are handcrafted and perfected by our chef. All restaurant items can be enjoyed in the warm, comfortable atmosphere of our Indian Restaurant.

Only Fresh Ingredients

All items are Medium Spicy by default and can be customized to Mild, Medium, Spicy, or Extra Spicy. The Ingredients we use complement each other nutritionally and please the palate.


What people
say about us

Excellent drinks, excellent cuisine, and excellent service! We tried the Indian food and were quite pleased. Although we anticipated a tiny serving size and subsequent hunger, the amount was substantial, and we felt full. There was not a single thing on the dinner menu that I didn’t absolutely adore, therefore I would definitely want to go back in the future to sample it. The menu varies frequently, as we were informed, so it is definitely a destination to visit more than once.

Steave Flow

Food Magazine

Great tasting menu; if you have the means, I urge everyone to visit at least once. Excellent service is provided. Although I found a couple items to be rather spicy, the true Indian homemade mummy flavour, the food is wonderful and presented beautifully. The setting was lovely, attractive, and enjoyable for an evening.

Kelly Munson

timeout New york

lovely atmosphere Although I had previously ordered, this time was a real eating experience. It was a clean, well-kept property, and I essentially felt at home there. In contrast to other Indian eateries, the taste of every thing we had was as good as it was cooked in India. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and will undoubtedly return to sample some of their sweet offerings. Dining in a restaurant serving only Indian food will undoubtedly cost more as a result.

Jack richards

Food Magazine

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